School name : Ibn Zohr High school
City : Ouezzane, Morocco
Grade : common-core

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Why did I choose this topic instead of others ?

I chose this topic because it's one of the most intriguating scientific topics. I've always heard about DNA, but I didn't know what it really means, until I participated in a scientific camp called "Camp Alima" (it's a student-run organization with the goal of implementing a yearly summer camp for young women in Ouezzane);organized by Morrocan students in the U.S.A. When I learned about DNA, I was so fascinated by biology, and I told myself that I had to share it with so many people, here the idea of making a video hit me. After I learned the basics of DNA in the camp, I started seraching deeper and deeper about DNA, so I bought books about it, I read "Le fabuleux pouvoir de vos gènes, by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E.Tazi", "L'ADN superstar ou superflic, by Catherine Bourgeain et Pierre Darlu" and other books and I spent 6 months studying DNA. I didn't read books just about biology but also about physics and space, I read "Voyager dans l'espace by Yaël Nazé", "Brève réponses aux grandes questions by Stephen Hawking" , "Le côté obscur de l'univers by Harvé Dale" and many more. Yes, I love books actually I've read over 120 books and I love to read old books like "The Iliad", "Le rouge et le noir"... At home I have a library that is my greatest joy. I can write a whole book about how much I love books. DNA is a superhero, DNA is able to restore the child to his rights and put parents in front of their responsibilities, those are only two of his superpowers, because it can condemn criminals, but also whitewash the innoncents. Threre an association in the U.S.A, its role is to alow convicts who claim their innoncence to benefit from DNA tests. DNA has that magic that knows how to rhyme goodness and morality with unparalled efficiency and infallibility. I chose to talk about DNA, because the Strawberry DNA experiene is very simple. In a matter of minutes you can extract, isolate, and observe DNA. It sounds impossible, but thanks to special characterestics of strawberries, it is actually possible, and simple. And you don't have to be a geneticist and you don't need an electron microscope. It's fun and easy, and all we need are some houshold materials. Most people don't value biology, they think that Science is all about Physics and Maths. I made this video hoping that they would change their mind. My goal is not just to be selected, I will be over the moon if people and especially Moroccans learnt something from my video. And one of my goals is to make people from small cities confident and make them believe in themselves. Because typically when people hear that you are from a samll city or a small town they underestimate you. My siblings who live in France and Rabat always underrate me. They always make differences between my cousins who live in big cities and I, even if I get good marks at school, and even if I am more cultivated than them. The do undervalue me just because I live in a small city, it doesn't affect me because I believe in myself and in what I am able to do, but other people tend to give up on their dreams because it gets too hard they can't support how those people treat them (of course not all of them) it make them stop believing in themselves even if they have amazing skills and abilities, and once the belief is killed the dream is killed. I f I was selected this would give them hope and some confidence they would say: She did it, me too I can do it".

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