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« I tore off my belly for you » I actually have really fond memories of my childhood. I spent so much time searching for a reflexion of myself and I found it in my love for anesthesia. I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions and questions with the fact that my mom’s round belly that looked adorable in floaty dresses looked like a swollen watermelon during her pregnancy. And surprisingly the doctor had to rip it off for the baby to come to the world. Ultimately, all of my questions were some version of “Did my mom get hurt?”, “Was it too painful?” … I’ve been hesitant and doubtful to put my thoughts out there as I was a kid. But in the light of a Saturday night, at some point I knew I had found the answer to all of my questions: ANESTHESIA. And ever since then, I wanted to become an anesthesiologist… It’s spectacular, how this job looks like the art of making everything look easy at all times. When the doors are closed and the shades are pulled, I want to come home knowing that I have saved a life or at least participated in the care of someone, who is at some of his most stressful points of his life. I wanted a platform to express who I was and how I viewed the world. But a platform would be pointless unless I have something special to share. And this is why I have applied to your program. I’m sure your platform will bring the best out of me and will definitely nurture my love for anesthesia.


School name : El moukhtar soussi
City : Casablanca, Morocco
Grade : second-baccalaureate-level

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