Hamza ATIF

School name : Al Inbiaat Private school
City : Agadir, Morocco
Grade : first-baccalaureate-level

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Science has shown that climate change touches every corner of our planet’s ecosystem, and the water cycle is no exception. Climate change increases the risk of both heavy rains and extreme droughts, unfortunately a lot of people don’t understand the weight of this problematic that concerns all living beings, because mainly they ignore the importance of the water cycle. That’s why I thought that there is no better way, than sensitizing people about this issue, so hopefully they change their view and behavior. Water is the fundamental resource for life on earth. Hence, we should protect its cycle.

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سيتم التحقق من جميع الأصوات قبل الاعلان عن المتأهلين للمرحلة الموالية

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