School name : El Imam Eghazzali
City : Sidi Bennour, Morocco
Grade : common-core

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Why did I choose this topic instead of others ?

I had chosen this topic because as a topic for my video. but before I have to talk just a little bit about the importance of simplifying science. simplifying science is a current that raised for making people able to have a piece of knowledge about the basics of a scientific subject and exciting everyone about science. now after this small definition, I will talk about how I picked this topic. well as it known this competition is based on making a three minutes video. I started looking for a topic that can give sparks about different fields in science. suddenly one day in a book by Nidhal Guessoum I read about a boy who didn't explain surface tension well in a science fair. somethings flamed in my brain I wanted to know about that topic until I learned about it but my passions of biology and creatures led me to talk about our possibilities to walk on water concluding other creatures. I realized that I have to make an exiting video full of different pieces of information. so I found this one and I developed it to come with this video. inspiring by a lot who talked about ly topic in different countries to have an idea of what people want to hear and learn. I gathered ly ideas continuously to come with this video to show them a part of the nature and the extraordinary evolution of them and make physics exciting and chemistry easy.

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