School name : Complexe scolaire Khalil abdelhafid
City : Sala al jadida. Salé, Morocco
Grade : common-core

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Why did I choose this topic instead of others ?

Being interested in chemistry, likewise my love and heed in science and physic, has always surprised me and took me to the world of creativity. As a kid, my lack of knowledge and love to astronomy and planets, pushed me to the ongoing research, which in turn, granted me a huge range of knowledge about galaxies and rocket. And during my research I found an incredible topic. I have been sitting in the corner of my room for the past years, hoping to god that no one would steal this topic from my hand, like stealing candy from a baby.

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سيتم التحقق من جميع الأصوات قبل الاعلان عن المتأهلين للمرحلة الموالية

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