School name : High school ABD MALEK AS SAADI
City : Kenitra, Morocco
Grade : second-baccalaureate-level

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Why did I choose this topic instead of others ?

My topic was first of all, one of the most things that I see every day as well, asking myself for so many years: why the sky is red during sunset? I have been searching for the answer till I had a chance this year in class to hear my physics teacher explaining the lesson of the light wave and he use a prism experiment to show that the warm colors such red, orange have a longer wavelength and the cold colors as blue, violet have a short ones. Then he said that the reddish color of sunset is due to the longer path through the atmosphere of the sunlight what cause the scattering phenomenon and let the warmer colors we watched from the earth, and I was marveled about that explanation, so I decided to choose this topic for my video.

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