School name : Descartes High School
City : Rabat, Morocco
Grade : common-core

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Why did I choose this topic instead of others ?

At the beginning, I have really hesitate on the subject of my video, because I am into a lot of scientific subject; I was going to choose Quantum mechanics, then I wanted to talk about Space, but finally, I chose to talk about Artificial Intelligence! I decided to speak of something where I excel, but most importantly, something I love! When I first heard about Artificial Intelligence, I believed, like everyone else, that they were dangerous, and that they will destroy humanity, just like in the movies, but I didn't want to believe in this stereotypical idea, and I started to do research on this subject, and I discovered some interesting things! I wanted to start learning how to program, but alone, without experience or guidance, it was very difficult. Then I discovered the high school robotics club, where I learned how to program, how a robot or an artificial intelligence works, I got a taste for programming. So this contest was an opportunity for me to share my passion and make people love something that everyone has a bad idea about. Artificial intelligence is a recent and uncommon subject that the majority of people misunderstood.And this is why I chose this topic ; because just as Aristotle , I hate unfairness and I want to open other people's mind , along with mine , to convince them , you and myself that AI has still untapped potential but a very important asset for the progress of science and humanity.

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