School name : Ibn Hazm
City : Fes, Morocco
Grade : second-baccalaureate-level

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I am a person that loves to think about the simplest of things, ever since my childhood. Colors are one of the simplest, if not the simplest, things in our lives. We haven't spent a single day in our lives without looking at colors, yet we rarely ever think about what they are and how important they are in our lives. We all have favorite colors, and most of us think that colors are actually real and exist outside our brains. However, they don't! Colors, all of them, are only imaginations from our brain. In fact, colors are nothing more than imaginary sensations that arise within the brain. Except for pink, an extremely popular color that, a lot of people don't notice, is not a part of the main spectrum colors. Although all colors are imaginary, pink is a little bit more imaginary than the others!

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