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Why did I choose this topic instead of others ?

Since I was a kid, the world around me constantly captivated me : I have been always fascinated by the chemistry, being a concrete and astonishing subject, pushed me to acquire a constant sense of discovery and learn more, from particles to atoms and molecules to organisms and the universe. I particularly chose to answer this specific question ' Why does ice float in water ? ' because it is hard not to admire and contemplate, the secret behind our life and all other organisms life. And most importantly, the awesome forces behind ice cubes floating in your iced-tea.


School name : Complexe Scolaire Khalil Abdelhafid
City : Sala Al jadida, Salé, Morocco
Grade : first-baccalaureate-level

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سيتم التحقق من جميع الأصوات قبل الاعلان عن المتأهلين للمرحلة الموالية

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