Nassiri ISRAE

School name : Abou lkhair
City : Berkane, Morocco
Grade : first-baccalaureate-level

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Why did I choose this topic instead of others ?

three years from now I knew about the race to space thanks to the English center. However, I had to wait as I was too young to participate. Ever since Race to space has become a dream pushing me forwards to enrich my scientific knowledge and prepare myself to make my dream come true. therefore I’ve been always searching for my topic,” the topic” that will allow me to get to the space camp. During these three years, I’ve shown noticeable interest in cosmology, astronomy and anything related to space sciences. equally, my heart beat for medical studies. I wanted eventually my topic to gather my both passions. I thought first about a topic that would answer the question: What happens to blood in space? especially when I heard about “the one of a kind study of astronaut twins hints at space flight’s health effects”(national geographic)when Scott kelly suggested that he and his identic brother mark would be the test subjects for an experiment showing how the effects of a long term space flight would be on the human body, Scott put his life in a stake in that mission for science and discovery. Unfortunately, the experiment to explain or to technically answer my question up low requires certain materials and tools that I couldn’t afford. the fact that I wouldn’t be able to stick to this topic was disappointing. Nevertheless, I knew that it was the time to make my leadership skills show up, I started working again keeping the spirit of self-challenging high, striving and dream chasing. A sentence I hear often in my society: “life isn’t fair to everybody», I believed “life is always fair”; it’s just the way we read its signs that is wrong, we got used to CINDERELLA’s happy ever after life .my late grandmother: the woman I called mother, my first and greatest supporter (even if she has never got a foot in a classroom), the one who made me realize what the collocation “true women” stands for. A month before leaving us I moved to live with her. I was alone with her in her last hour in this world. in that hour when she lost consciousness I tried to do everything I’m told to do(by the doctors of the family: my sister, my uncle and his wife) if something goes wrong. I checked every parameter: saturation, blood pressure and the amount of sugar in the blood. I tried to call someone but no one answered. Maybe I was just meant to be there alone. I still ignore if it’s normal that by that time I asked myself “is life being fair to me right now?” I couldn’t find an answer, more clearly I could not think enough to find one as I was in the ambulance holding grand mother’s hand. I felt more pressure on my hand, followed by a second that I still do see every night over and over, I don’t know if I can call it a nightmare since my grandmother was in there, however it is a quit sad scene: a hand leaving another. My past and my future were shorthanded in a minute that a doctor took to tell me “your grandmother passed away May she rest in peace”. It took her one hour to leave this world, one minute by the doctor to inform me, and it took me days and weeks to go over that hour. Till now I had not forgotten neither my grandmother, neither the question “has life been fair to me that day ?”. When I stood up again and checked where my life has arrived in the time I spent in a chock, a nonstop overthinking and sadness. It was too late for the race to space, but I knew what’s the message I want to send through my video. I wanted to help save lives. a miracle did happen to me, I was one of the participants in the Arab reading challenge, I won the sixth place and I was one of the ten people who represented Morocco in Dubai-AUD in the same context .that’s not the miracle actually, during my participation I had to read 50 books. Of course, I have read some books about science one of these was titled “coronary artery disease”. After 8 months I decided again to submit for the race to space and that book came to my mind so I went for that topic except that I talked about atherosclerosis in a general way instead of only talking about heart arteries. I’ve already said that besides my passion for medical studies there are many other reasons that did motivate me to continue with this topic which I will try to declare in the following passage. A quote of a physician goes on:” the way we talk about physics needs a little modification”.I would rather say that the way we talk about science needs a little modification. People believe that mathematics, physics and life sciences are only numbers, complicated lows, and definitions only experimented scientists and smart people would understand. however, science is made for everybody, as it must serve everybody out there .lately many scientists have paid attention to this fact: people started fearing sciences .this scientists are conscious towards their responsibility to change and break this picture people have of science by trying to simplify all what people fear in it. people like doctor Najib Mokhtari in my country, a scientist that through YouTube videos explains scientific phenomena and concepts , he does answer “daily life scientific questions “ in a very simple way and in Moroccan dialect so everybody would understand . I was inspired and motivated from here, I confess that when I heard first the word ”ATHEROSCLEROSIS” I doubted myself and I was honestly terrified, then I searched for more data about the topic from the book, internet and doctors . to get to fulfill my scientific curiosity and make the content of my video .atherosclerosis is a quite dangerous disease, it has no early signs or symptoms. people aren’t usually diagnosed with it until they have a medical emergency and that would put lives at a stake .knowing about the disease, also understanding the way it develops and its origins may at least help you delay and prevent it .through my video I wanted to ensure this understanding the easiest and the best way I could. I’m participating to win, to take apart with the eleven other Moroccan students in an experience of all times. I believe just like everybody who applied for the race to space that I do have skills and qualities allowing me to win. .when talking about atherosclerosis and when providing this knowledge I may save a life of someone in a way or another. The topic is scientific, there is an assimilation experiment in my video but what did motivate me most was the message in there .now either being selected or not I believe I won. Why do u believe it’s important to study sciences?

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