School name : Madariss Tingis
City : Tangier, Morocco
Grade : common-core

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Why did I choose this topic instead of others ?

The choice of the subject of the race competition was the heaviest step. The choice of subject is not only to determine my success but also to mark and leave my fingerprints between several scientific subjects. I was always attracted to new technologies. And since I read on the internet that there is a material that can make electronic components (smartphones, computers, etc.) flexible and that can change the aerospace world which is my passion. I looked at what was what material and I found is composed of a single layer of carbon atom. This material was the" GRAPHENE" And that was my subject.

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سيتم التحقق من جميع الأصوات قبل الاعلان عن المتأهلين للمرحلة الموالية

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