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Organizer: Scientific Morocco Association
“Science for the masses”

Scientific Morocco Association (SMA) is an initiative aiming to better communicate science and make the basic scientific knowledge more accessible to the general public in Morocco.
This initiative is run by a team of volunteers covering different areas of expertise.
Over 5 years in existence, SMA succeeded in accumulating remarkable achievements:

  • Over 3000 articles on our website
  • Close to 200,000 Fans on Facebook
  • Over 2500 daily visits to our website
  • The Moroccan Web Award for the best website in Morocco ( 2013)
  • Over 50,000 downloads to our e-magazine
  • Over 800,000 views on our Youtube Channel
  • The successful organization of the first nation-wide Science Camp for kids in Morocco (2014)
  • The successful organization of the First International Forum For Popular Sciences in Morocco (2014)
  • A national research grant competition worth 10,000 $ in collaboration with Prof. Youssef Idaghdour's lab from New York University in Abu Dhabi
  • Gravity tour in four cities featuring American NASA astronaut Mary Ellen Weber
  • 3 successful editions of: Race to Space video competition for Moroccan high-schoolers to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama
  • The successful organization of a nation-wide series of Science Fairs in 2015, touring four Moroccan cities (Rabat, Al Hoceima, Essaouira, and Tiznit)
  • Organizing the Moroccan Science Awards, the first event of its kind celebrating the scientific elite of different ages and grade levels at the national level, in three categories:
  • "Junior Prize": which rewards high school students, an arabic version of race2space contest.
  • "My thesis in three minutes": for doctoral students.
  • "The best scientific research": for Moroccan researchers.
And more to come...

Sponsor: US Embassy Rabat

The U.S. Embassy in Rabat represents the American government and the American people to the government and people of the Kingdom of Morocco. The Public Affairs Section of the Embassy is responsible for media relations and cultural programs. Our cultural programs include music, theatre, sports, speakers, trainings, exchanges, and other programs which lead to greater understanding between the American and Moroccan people.

Every year, the Embassy of the United States offers young Moroccans the opportunity to engage in first-hand cultural exchange with their American peers through our diverse educational and cultural exchange programs. These educational and leadership focused exchange programs range from short visit programs not exceeding one week to long-term postgraduate degrees.

For more information visit the U.S. Embassy’s website: Facebook page:


Scientific Morocco
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