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So, you’ve learnt something interesting in science…
Now, can you tell us about it in a creative way?

To take part in the Race2Space competition, simply create and upload a short innovative video (3 min maximum) explaining a scientific concept. This can be a fun experiment, facts, theory, questions, or just a simple explanation.

Your video can take any form you like: Animation, Documentary, Talking head, etc. But, you must perform an experiment, a demonstration or a simulation. Even abstract maths can be explained using experiments or other practical illustrations. Be creative and think outside of the box!

Keep in mind that presenting your message in the form of something enjoyable and dynamic, by using diagrams, demonstrations, background music, etc. is a lot more effective than filming yourself in front of a static background talking. This does not have to necessarily be fancy or look professional, what’s important is to be engaging, simple and concise.

Your submission will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific content
  • Language proficiency
  • Topic choice
  • Clarity
  • Delivery
  • Creative content
  • Video production and effects

Check this page to know more about the Selection process.

Need guidance? Check the winners of previous editions here.

Keep in mind that your video should be ORIGINAL and FUN.


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US Embassy Rabat