Meet the winners !

W i n n e r s

The Selection Process

1 — Pre-Selection

The Pre-selection Panel is composed of Scientific Morocco members. This Pre-selection Panel will review all the application we received. In addition to the information you provided through the application form , your video will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Scientific content
  • Language proficiency
  • Topic choice
  • Clarity
  • Delivery
  • Creative content
  • Video production and effects

2 — Jury Selection

El Hajjaji Souad
Hajar Mousannif
Mouad Dahbi
Youssef Elamine

3 — Peer-review

Once the Jury selects the 40 semi-finalists, each of them will be requested to participate in the Peer-Review process.
If you’re a semi-finalist you must review and evaluate 5 of your fellow semi-finalists videos based on the same criteria as above. You must provide feedback on 5 other applications by April 9nd 11:59 PM (Casablanca Time), in order to fulfill this requirement.
You'll find the details about this process in your dashboard

4 — Public vote

In parallel with the Peer-Review process, the online voting will be open on the website and will also contribute towards the final score of each video. There will be a 20-day period of open voting for these videos on the website.

5 — The final score and Finalists

The Final Score, which will be used to decide the 24 Finalists, is calculated with the following considerations:

  • 70% is based on the Jury’s evaluations.
  • 15% is based on the Peer-Review evaluations.
  • 15% is based on the online voting: How the participants stands out in comparison to the average votes number of the 40 Semi-Finalists.

The top 24 Semi-Finalists, as decided by the final score, will be named Finalists

6 — The Interviews

The 24 Finalists will be interviewed in-person at the US Embassy in Rabat to select the 12 winners.


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US Embassy Rabat