School name : Al Mamounia
City : Meknes, Morocco
Grade : common-core

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Why did I choose this topic instead of others ?

I find all scientific topics interesting. I am always excited to learn new things, especially those that are science-related. In fact, I have always been more into learning and deepening my knowledge in physics and astronomy, as a result, my knowledge was a bit less developed in life sciences and medicine. Therefore, choosing a topic in this field is challenging for me. I love challenges, they get me out of my comfort zone, which is a good strategy to open up to new theories and concepts, and then develop my knowledge while nourishing my curiosity. Actually, I realized I was ignoring a huge and intriguing field. I am very confident that the topic I chose will be useful to humanity in the future. Perhaps, a young future scientist might be fascinated and inspired by phages after watching my video, which might also lead to saving millions of lives in the future. And who knows, that young future scientist could be me.

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سيتم التحقق من جميع الأصوات قبل الاعلان عن المتأهلين للمرحلة الموالية

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